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From left: Janny Yapp, Winnie Tham, Dollie Chung, Sandy Chong and Chai Siew Fong of the Kinabalu Pink Ribbon.

Breast cancer survivors’ fighting spirit wins over Dr Yee Moh Chai

By Tryphena Chin
Pictures by Oliver Majaham

Dr Yee Moh Chai

Far from being the weaker sex, women are strong and resilient. And there is no better proof than the 200 breast cancer survivors of the Kinabalu Pink Ribbon, a two-year-old non-government organization that is leading a crusade against the deadly scourge. Their fighting spirit has won over Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Dr Yee Moh Chai. “You have fought cancer and won,” he told them.

Dr Yee marvelled at their steely determination in their fight against a debilitating disease. At last Sunday’s charity dinner of the Kinabalu Breast Cancer Support Association, the official name of Kinabalu Pink Ribbon, he said he knew the pain and suffering of cancer patients. He was a medical doctor before he became a lawyer and politician. He is the lawmaker of Api-Api and the minister of resource development and information technology.

Founded by Lucilla Pang, a 53-year-old financial consultant, Pink Ribbon is actively making people aware of breast cancer. With 50 volunteers who include doctors and nurses, it has been busy giving talks, conducting workshop, recreational and sporting events to spread the message that early detection spells cure even if the cancer cannot be prevented.

Lucilla PangAnd it has been bringing the message to the villages where breast cancer awareness is still low.

Dr Yee praised Pink Ribbon for this. “You are doing a great job,” he said. “Please keep up with your good work in sharing your experience and giving emotional and psychological support to breast cancer patients and their families.”

Pink Ribbon’s immediate task is to raise 60,000 ringgit ($19,000) to buy a van that will allow its members and volunteers to reach out to women in villages.

About 700 people attended the charity dinner at the Putera Theatre Ballroom in Kota Kinabalu which raised about 50,000 ringgit, according to the organisers. – Insight Sabah

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Posted on July 13, 2012

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